Stock screening

Clients use stock screens to find high quality investment opportunities and to ensure that current holdings continue to meet required criteria. Filter for value, income, safety, growth, momentum and technical characteristics.

  • You can filter Alpha's lists of equities or collectives down to sector level.
  • For collectives, filter for criteria such as performance over multiple time frames, costs, yield, and, for investment trusts, premium/discount to NAV.
  • For equities, use a wide range of financial data items and ratios to find companies that meet value, growth, quality and safety criteria e.g. well-covered income stocks or undervalued small cap growth stocks.
  • Include chart-based criteria to discover investments with momentum or showing overbought/oversold characteristics.

The example stock screen below identifies UK equity income investment trusts which have increased their dividend for at least 10 years running, have a yield above 3% and have reasonable valuations.

Data and features

  • Live Level 1 data for all UK listed equities (including AIM and investment trusts)
  • Advanced Level 2 screens for LSE stocks
  • Contended Level 2 available to substantially reduce your costs
  • FTSE index constituents
  • Live level 1 data for US stocks
  • Delayed data for CBOE Europe
  • Global market indices
  • MSCI WMA indices
  • Daily fund prices with sectors, TERs, yields and ratings
  • Investment trust NAVs, sectors, TERs and yields
  • Corporate and government bonds; yield curves
  • Major world currency pairs
  • Major commodity prices - oil, metals, energy
  • UK corporate cctions
  • Live RNS from all Primary Information Providers
  • Dow Jones Newswires UK Markets Report
  • Customisable price tickers which can filter for specific portfolios or indices
  • Customisable news alerts
  • Over 20 years' fundamental data and up to three years' broker forecasts
  • Balance sheet, P&L and cashflow metrics
  • Broker consensus, consensus change, last consensus and number of brokers
  • Directors' and major shareholder dealings and holdings. Filter by company or shareholder
  • Live DDE links to drive your Excel-based pricing models

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