Case studies


Keith is the managing director of an Investment IFA business. They manage SIPPs and ISAs for clients and invest mainly in funds but also in equities.

"No other system provides so much information. On one screen we have perhaps 1,100 items of data. The combination of funds, stocks and market news is exceptional.

It has to be the best source of market news we have come across. The Alpha news layout is split into different windows for different types of news story ‐ market outlook, risers and fallers, broker rating changes and some for news filters we have set up ourselves. We have barely had to change the screen layouts because they were so thoughtfully configured in the first place.

We maintain a number of portfolios ‐ our preferred funds, our preferred stocks and our model portfolios. We meet once a month to discuss the make-up of these portfolios ‐ using data from Alpha to state the case for each investment.

Essentially, the speed and flexibility of Alpha enables us to find information very quickly. We don't invest much in equities any more but we do like to monitor the core holdings of the funds we invest in. Alpha is miles better than anything else for analysing investment performance over discrete periods. You can add performance columns for any period you like enabling us to measure funds over specific periods which have been challenging for their sector.

We maintain a portfolio for each of our clients and we use group portfolios for family grouping such as husband and wife."

All case studies are based on discussions with real clients. Fictional names and library photographs are used to protect their identity.

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