React fast to significant events

Alpha Terminal is designed to bring significant events to your attention instantaneously. Whether its Important events, breaking news or price movements Alpha has got you covered to make your work life easier.


Event flags appear next to a stock to tell you about important news. This might be breaking news, the stock going ex-dividend, dividend payments, reporting dates, bids, suspensions or triggered alarms. Flags can be configured to show forthcoming events as well. Flags will appear wherever you are looking at a stock - in a list, a portfolio or watchlist, on a chart or on the Level 2 screen.

Flags give you answers quickly - particularly helpful if you are on the phone to a client. Simply move your mouse cursor over a flag to reveal more detail. If it's a News flag, double click on it to open the latest unread news story. You can scroll back through earlier stories. Once you move your cursor away from a flag, the detail disappears.

Here is an example of an expanded Result and Acquisition flag:


Here is an example of an expanded News flag:


And the expanded story with a single click:


"Clients frequently ask about ex-dividend dates, news, spreads, highs and lows and broker ratings. I really like the way that I can access most of this information just by moving the mouse over a price or a flag. With our previous system we had to go to different pages for this information." Wealth Manager


Alternatively, see the key announcements and events for the week ahead using Alpha's Calendar feature. View calendars for the market as a whole or for specific indices or portfolios.



For news and events you simply can't afford to miss, you can set up real-time alarms.

  • Alarms can be set for specific stocks or entire portfolios.
  • Alerts can be sent to your desktop and mobile phone.
  • You can set alarms on significant price movements and news stories.
  • You can set alarms on the support and resistance or entry and exit lines you draw on price charts.



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