Alpha provides Dow Jones Newswires and a full RNS feed with five years history. You can view news in different ways:

  • Full news feed
  • Stock- or list-specific news
  • Filtered news

Alpha includes a specific news layout with a range of filtered news windows. This helps you focus on specific news categories such as broker comments or company results. We can set up filters for the news stories of most interest to you.

You can link a news window to any list, heatmap or watchlist so that whichever stock you select you'll be reading the relevant news stream.

Can't find the story you are looking for? Simply start typing the word or phrase you are looking for and Alpha will start looking for matches.

In Alpha's Market View ‐ the most popular with clients - we've made sure the latest Dow Jones Newswires UK Morning Briefing is always visible as it gives you a guide to what is expected to happen to the market that day.

We've also included the UK Summary; revisit this throughout the course of the day as it updates every two hours. It's a great way of keeping track of the day's top stories.

News filtering

Alpha enables you to filter your news feed whichever way you like ‐ so you spend the minimum time possible to find the news of most interest to you. You can set different filters in different news windows. An easy-to-use interface helps you create and manage your news filters.

Data and features

  • Live Level 1 data for all UK listed equities (including AIM and investment trusts)
  • Advanced Level 2 screens for LSE stocks
  • Contended Level 2 available to substantially reduce your costs
  • FTSE index constituents
  • Live level 1 data for US stocks
  • Delayed data for CBOE Europe
  • Global market indices
  • MSCI WMA indices
  • Daily fund prices with sectors, TERs, yields and ratings
  • Investment trust NAVs, sectors, TERs and yields
  • Corporate and government bonds; yield curves
  • Major world currency pairs
  • Major commodity prices - oil, metals, energy
  • UK corporate cctions
  • Live RNS from all Primary Information Providers
  • Dow Jones Newswires UK Markets Report
  • Customisable price tickers which can filter for specific portfolios or indices
  • Customisable news alerts
  • Over 20 years' fundamental data and up to three years' broker forecasts
  • Balance sheet, P&L and cashflow metrics
  • Broker consensus, consensus change, last consensus and number of brokers
  • Directors' and major shareholder dealings and holdings. Filter by company or shareholder
  • Live DDE links to drive your Excel-based pricing models

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